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Mandatory Annual Trainings
Our district's employee mandatory annual trainings are all available on the online AEA Learning System.  The chart below shows a breakdown of what training module each employee classification is required to complete.

WDCSD Annual Trainings 2021-2022
Training A:Certified Staff, Clerical, Interpreters, Paraprofessionals
Training B:Bus Drivers, Mechanics, Food Service
Training C:Custodians, Maintenance & Grounds
Training D:Non-Teaching Coaches/Advisors
Training E:Substitutes
Training F:Central Office Non-Certified Employees

NOTE:  An AEA Learning System account is required to complete this training.

For information on completing your training via the AEA Learning System, follow the steps below or download the Training Tutorial.

  1. Go to https://training.aealearningonline.org/index_login.php.
  2. Enter your login information. If you forgot you password, click Forget your password?. If you do not have an AEA account, click Register here and create your account. Make sure you use your Western Dubuque email address.
  3. When you are logged in to your AEA Learning System account, click profile (you will only need to do this the first time you access your account each school year).
  4. Click personal info.
  5. Make sure the information displayed on the page is accurate.
  6. Make any necessary changes and then click save personal info.
  7. Click employment info.
  8. Make sure Western Dubuque CSD appears in the right window. If it is not displayed, scroll down the left window and click Western Dubuque CSD. NOTE: If you are asked to provide a District Password or Passcode, use wdbqschools.
  9. Scroll down. In the building section, check the building(s) you are assigned to.
  10. If a primary building section is displayed, select the building that is the primary building you report to. If you are unsure which building is your primary building, ask one of your principals which building it is.
  11. Click save employment info.
  12. Click catalog (found in the top left corner of your screen).
  13. In the listing found on the left, click District Training.
  14. Click Register for the course module you need to take (see chart above). If you previously completed this step, go to step 18.
  15. Ensure the information that appears is accurate. If the information is correct, click the box next to I have read and agree to the EULA Terms and Conditions. Then click Continue. If the information is not accurate, click Cancel and contact Jim Roberts (james.roberts@wdbqschools.org)NOTE: There is no cost for you to take these trainings. If you receive a notice that requires payment to take one of these trainings, you are in the incorrect training module.
  16. Once you click Continue, you will be taken to the first required training session for your module. Advance through the sessions. It is important that you read and watch all module content (there are time markers monitoring your progress as you advance through the content). You do not need to complete all content at one time; you will be able to resume the session where you ended.
  17. When you have completed the required module for your employee classification, you do not need to submit a certificate of completion unless your principal or supervisor has instructed you to do so.
  18. Once you have completed steps 1-16 and you would like to return to your training module, you will see Resume next to the training module you have started. Click Resume and you will be able to continue the trainings where you left off. Only click Drop if you have chosen an incorrect training module. Note: clicking Drop will delete all information you have entered in a training module.

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