Food Labels and Ingredients




The following documents are for your convenience. Western Dubuque Schools does not assume responsibility for food items consumed by students. Please be advised that the data contained in these documents is accurate to the best of our knowledge and that products can change at any time without notice. Food items listed containing no wheat are not guaranteed Gluten Free. Food items on this list do not always represent the final item served from the food service department, combinations of ingredients are used daily (i.e. butter buds is added to most steamed vegetables). Please contact Clif Cameron at or 563-744-3885 ext. 6041, with any further questions regarding allergens found in school meals.

Breakfast (46 Files)
Download Bacon
Download Breakfast Bar - Ham
Download Breakfast Bar - Sausage
Download Breakfast Wrap
Download Cereal - Apple Jacks
Download Cereal - Cheerios
Download Cereal - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Download Cereal - Cocoa Puffs
Download Cereal - Frosted Flakes
Download Cereal - Fruity Cheerios
Download Cereal - Golden Grahams
Download Cereal - Honey Nut Cheerios
Download Cereal - Lucky Charms
Download Cereal - Trix
Download Cheese Omelet
Download Cinnamon Roll
Download Donut-WG Long John
Download Egg Patties
Download French Toast Sticks
Download Glazed Cinnamon Cake
Download Ham-Sliced
Download Honey Wheat Biscuit
Download Muffin - Apple Cinnamon
Download Muffin - Banana
Download Muffin - Blueberry
Download Muffin - Cheese
Download Muffin - Chocolate Chip
Download Muffin - Wild Berry
Download Pancake
Download Pizza - Breakfast Bacon
Download Pizza - Breakfast Sausage
Download Pizza - Breakfast Slider/Sausage
Download PopTart - Cinnamon
Download PopTart - Strawberry
Download Potato-Hash Rounds
Download Raisels
Download Raisins
Download Sausage & Pancake Bites
Download Sausage & Pancake Stick
Download Sausage Bagel
Download Sausage Patty
Download Waffle
Download Waffle Stix
Download Yogurt - Trix/Cherry
Download Yogurt -Trix/Raspberry
Download Yogurt -Trix/Starwberry Banana
Meat/Meat Alternative and Lunch Entrees (52 Files)
Download Bacon-Pre Cooked
Download Beef & Gravy
Download Beef Crumbles
Download Beef Ground
Download Beef Patties (Raw)
Download Cheddarwurst
Download Cheese - American Sliced
Download Cheese Breadsticks
Download Chicken - Breaded Patty
Download Chicken - Diced/Cooked
Download Chicken - Grilled Patty
Download Chicken - Mandarin Orange
Download Chicken - Nuggets
Download Chicken - Popcorn
Download Chicken - Strip
Download Chicken - Teriyaki
Download Corn Dog
Download Corn Dog - Mini
Download Fish Patty-Breaded
Download Fish Shapes
Download French Toast Sticks
Download Ham-Sliced
Download Hot Dog
Download Lasagna Roll-Up
Download Meatball
Download Peanut Butter & Jelly - Uncrustable
Download Pizza - 4in Round/Cheese
Download Pizza - 4in Round/Pepperoni
Download Pizza - 5in Round/Cheese
Download Pizza - Cheese/Garlic Bread
Download Pizza - Fiestada
Download Pizza - GF/Cheese
Download Pizza - GF/Pepperoni
Download Pizza - Pepperoni-Elem
Download Pizza - Sausage - Elem
Download Pizza - Slice/Cheese
Download Pizza - Slice/Pepperoni
Download Pizza - Slice/Sausage
Download Pizza - Stuffed Crust/Cheese
Download Pizza - Stuffed Crust/Pepperoni
Download Pizza - Stuffed Crust/Sausage
Download Pork Rib Patty
Download Pork Tenderloin
Download Pretzel - King Size
Download Pulled Pork
Download Pulled Pork/Carnitas
Download Quesadilla - Cheese
Download Quesadilla -Chicken
Download Salisbury Steak
Download Sausage - Cocktail Smokies
Download Sausage Patty
Download Turkey Roast
Grains (19 Files)
Download Bread - Hamburger Bun
Download bread - Hoagie Bun
Download Bread - Hot Dog Bun
Download Bread -Loaf/Sliced
Download Breakstick-Garlic Twist
Download Chips - Cheddar/Sun
Download Chips - Garden Salsa/Sun
Download Chips - Sun/Original
Download Chips - Tortilla/Taco Salad
Download Chips - Walking Taco
Download Crackers
Download Macaroni & Cheese
Download Pasta - Egg Noodle
Download Pasta - Spaghetti
Download Pasta - Spaghetti USDA Flyer
Download Rice - Brown Label
Download Rice - Brown USDA Flyer
Download Roll - Dinner
Download Tortilla - Soft
Fruit (20 Files)
Download Apple Slices - Can Label
Download Apple Slices USDA Flyer
Download Applesauce Can Label
Download Applesauce Cups
Download Applesauce USDA Flyer
Download Juice - Apple
Download Juice - Grape
Download Juice - Orange
Download Juice - Orange USDA Flyer
Download Mixed Fruit
Download Oranges - Mandarin
Download Peaches Can Label
Download Peaches USDA Flyer
Download Pears Can Label
Download Pears USDA Flyer
Download Pineapple
Download Sidekicks Fruit Slushie Ingredients
Download Sidekicks Fruit Slushie Nutrition Label
Download Strawberries - Frozen
Download Strawberries USDA Flyer
Vegetables (32 Files)
Download Beans - Baked
Download Beans - Black Turtle Can Label
Download Beans - Black Turtle USDA Flyer
Download Beans - Green Can Label
Download Beans - Green USDA Flyer
Download Beans - Refired
Download Beans - Refired USDA Flyer
Download Broccoli
Download Carrots Can Label
Download Carrots USDA Flyer
Download Corn - Can Label
Download Corn - Creamed
Download Corn - USDA Flyer
Download Marinara Cup
Download Peas Can Label
Download Peas USDA Flyer
Download Potato - Curly Fry
Download Potato - Hashbrown
Download Potato - Mashed
Download Potato - Oven Fry/Crinkle Cut
Download Potato - Ranch Wedge
Download Potato - Rounds
Download Potato - Smiles
Download Potato - Sweet Potato
Download Potato - Sweet Potato USDA Flyer
Download Potato - Tater Tot
Download Salsa
Download Spaghetti Sauce
Download Tomato Sauce Can Label
Download Tomato Sauce USDA Flyer
Download Vegetable Blend - California
Download Vegetable Blend - Stir Fry
Milk (3 Files)
Download Chocolate - Fat Free
Download White - Fat Free
Download White - LowFat 1%
Condiments (18 Files)
Download BBQ Sauce
Download Butter Flakes
Download Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Download French Dressing
Download Gravy - Beef
Download Gravy - Brown
Download Gravy - Chicken
Download Jelly - Grape
Download Ketchup
Download Mustard
Download Peanut Butter
Download Pickles Ingredients
Download Pickles Nutrition Label
Download Ranch
Download Salad Dressing
Download Syrup - Pancake
Download Taco Seasoning Ingredients
Download Taco Seasoning Nutrition Label

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